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HTML5, CSS3/Sass, Javascript, jQuery, JSON/JSONP, Gulp.js, PHP, cURL, Composer, MySQL, XML, ProcessWire, ZURB Foundation

Browser Compatibility

IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari





The Challenge

  • Site was not responsive.
  • 3rd Party feed that is scraped on page load is providing 95% of the content on the site.
  • Due to vacation offers being provided from 3rd party feed, site does not have a robust search
    • Users must "drill down" to a specific pairing to see offers.
  • Custom CMS was antiquated and confusing to navigate around.
  • Call-tracking was only able to display two numbers: the default or Google AdWords specific numbers.
  • Social strategy consisted of weekly blog posts, however the CMS did not have a section to manage articles.

The Solutions

  • Moved from custom CMS to ProcessWire CMS.
  • Built blog system into the CMS.
  • Continued to use the 3rd-party service to scrap various XML feeds. This time, instead of scraping the feeds at load-time, we created a cronjob to run three-times-a-week and pull all data into the CMS.
  • Created the ability to manage call-tracking phone numbers in the CMS.

The Results

  • Client is able to manage 100% of the content displayed on the site, despite the original source of the data.
  • With all data in the CMS, site is now able to have a more robust search integrated throughout the site.
  • Weekly blog articles are able to be managed through the CMS.
  • Landing pages with call tracking have the ability to display an unlimited set of numbers.