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Websites // 2014 - 2015


ARPRO® is JSP International's brand name for a premium Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) product. EPP is an impact energy management material with a unique combination of properties including energy absorption, structural strength, low weight, chemical resistance, and both thermal and acoustical insulation. While ARPRO® is the leading brand of EPP, there are many generic offerings, making it difficult for ARPRO® to rank organically for non-branded keywords and attributes of EPP.


We collaborated with JSP to create personas around potential customers that would not be familiar with ARPRO®. Then crafted an interactive experience and content targeted towards those users, around EPP and other keywords identified in the persona exercise; allowing ARPRO® to compete with organic rankings against "generic" EPP products.


EPP has been well-received and achieved page one rankings for core keywords and increased website visit duration by 190%. Bounce rate was decreased by 19% and is now acting as an effective lead generation website.


  • 2014 W3 Silver Award from W3 Awards